Casino Bonus Codes

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Casino bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, from huge deposit match percentages to small free cash giveaways that boost your starting bankroll. The best casino bonuses are the ‘exclusive, limited-time-only’ type that are offered by casinos as part of a special promotion. Currently, Europa Casino is offering one such promotion.

If you’re not sure exactly what bonus codes are and how casino bonuses work, read the below explanations of the most popular types of bonuses. It will help you know what to look for when searching for the best casino bonuses.
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Bonus codes for deposit matches are the most commonly offered type of casino bonus codes. They are a means of welcoming new players to the casino, and they often far exceed the regular welcome bonus offered. In this way, bonus codes for deposit matches are considered ‘exclusive.’

They can be offered by the casino itself as a limited time only promotion or they can be found on gambling news sites, forums and portals that have made a short-term deal with the casino.

Deposit matches work like this: You deposit X amount of money into your player account and the casino ‘matches’ it by a certain percentage.

For example, a 150% deposit match up to $150 means:

  • if you deposit €50, the casino gives you $125.
  • if you deposit €100, the casino gives you $150.
  • if you deposit €500, the casino gives you $150.

Notice that in the last example, the casino does not match your $500 deposit. This is because the ‘up to’ amount is $100. For this reason, it is important to thoroughly research and compare the bonus codes that correspond to the bonus on offer.

Big numbers don’t always equal big rewards. Look at the ‘up to’ amount that follows the percentage. A 100% match up to $100 is not always better than a 50% match up to $500. The best bonus for you will depend on how much you plan to deposit.


Bonus codes that unlock free cash are generally considered the best kinds of casino bonus codes. With these, you can often receive as much as €50 in your player account with nearly no commitment from you. Free cash bonus codes boost your bankroll and let you try out a website without requiring you to make a deposit first. If you don’t like the site, you won’t have to continue playing just to get your deposit back or forfeit your deposit because you stop playing. You can leave the site with no questions asked


Casino bonus codes can come in non-cash forms, too. The most popular of this kind are bonus codes that give players free spins. These are particularly popular with slots fans who are always on the lookout for the newest slots incarnation and the biggest progressive jackpots. Casinos give away free spins in varying amounts – from 10 free spins up to 1,000 free spins.

Though they have no inherent cash value, free spins are like money in the bank because they let you play without risk. If you hit the jackpot while playing with your free spins, the winnings are yours to keep – so long, of course, as you meet the casino’s play-through requirements.


But before you copy the bonus code and accept the casino bonus, be sure the website at which you are registering and making a deposit suits your gaming style. There is no sense, after all, in receiving a bonus to play at a casino that you don’t enjoy. A few questions to ask yourself:

  • Does this online casino have the games I want to play?
  • Can I cash out the bonus and my deposit whenever I want?
  • Who provides the casino’s software and is it reliable and fast?
  • What are other players saying about the casino? Does it get good customer reviews and is the customer support friendly and helpful?

All of the above questions – and likely a few more that are specific to your needs – should be asked before you employ any casino bonus code.